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Who We Are


Studio Massei originally founded in 2012 in Brazil by Miriam Massei Zimmermann. Now has established their photo studio in Toronto, Canada. With professionally prepared photographers that are constantly keeping their skills set up to date through workshops and classes, Studio Massei Canada is fully prepared to capture your special moments.
Besides offering photographic services, Studio Massei also offers workshop classes of various skill levels to teach others the craft of photography.
Studio Massei is ready to meet any of your photography needs. Studio Massei Canada is a family company that aims to provide great photos for each of our clients with hard work, creativity and lot of love.

Meet Our Team

Miriam Massei Zimmermann


Working in photography for over 8 years, Miriam Massei is the heart behind Studio Massei Canada. Specializing in family, pregnancy, and children, Miriam’s desire is to offer more than a photo shoot, she wants to offer a unique experience, full of emotions and joy in every moment lived and thus capture those feelings behind each person or family. Miriam believes that every person has a story and a moment to be captured through photos and her goal is to do exactly that. Miriam Is a mother of two with degrees in Photography, Physiotherapy and Business & Marketing.

Murilo Zimmermann


The second half of Studio Massei Canada, Murilo Zimmermann is one of the founders and current General Managers of Studio Massei Canada. Murilo’s goal is for everyone to achieve the photos they have always dreamed of having. With his business background and his passion for serving people, he always makes sure that all customers have their expectations exceeded when receiving Studio Massei services. Murilo is a father of two, with a business background.

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