Carol & Jonathan – Maternity

March 2, 2023

I love photographing my friends, especially when they are as close and lovely as Carol and Jonathan.
It’s been almost 7 years of friendship and partnership.
Jonathan is responsible for creating my website, the blog you are accessing right now, in addition to being responsible to create our photography school website, he does a wonderful job, click here and check it out, I guarantee the quality of the service

Carol helped me for a long time by taking care of the creation of content for Studio Massei’s Instagram.

But beyond the business partnership, they are our life partners, close friends, like brothers. That’s why photographing them pregnant with Laurinha was something more than special for me.

Carol is a beautiful woman, this job was not difficult at all, she is looking absolutely amazing

We are looking forward to meet you in person Laura, auntie Miriam loves you. <3

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  1. Jonathan Soares

    Ficou ótimo o resultado, Miriam! Amamos! Muito obrigado!


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